Dance Schedule

Pre-season Special:
*Aug 27 JERRY STORY (Squares)                 PAM BENNETT (Rounds)
        (No Pre-rounds  -  Casual Dress for this summertime special)

2010-2011 Season

*Sept. 10 MIKE SIKORSKY (Squares)           DOM FILARDO (Rounds)

Sept. 24 DANNY MILLER (Squares)              CHRISTINA EUM (Rounds)
              CHARLOTTE MILLER (Lines)

Oct. 8    BUTCH ADAMS (Squares)               DOM FILARDO (Rounds)

Oct. 22 ED FOOTE (Squares)                      TIM & SHARON PILACHOWSKI (Rounds)

*Oct. 29 TOM MILLER (Squares)                  DOM FILARDO (Rounds)
  (Halloween Theme)

Nov. 12 DOREN McMROOM (Squares)           BUTCH BLOXOM (Rounds)
   (WASCA Give My Regards To Broadway 52nd Festival Theme Dance)

Dec. 10 LARRY WINEGARD (Squares)           CHRISTINA EUM (Rounds)

Jan. 14 GARY FELTON (Squares)                  KEN RYDER (Rounds)

Jan. 28 CHRIS STACY (Squares)                  PAM BENNETT (Rounds)
            JEREMY BUTLER

Feb. 11 KENNY FARRIS (Squares)                TIM & SHARON PILACHOWSKI (Rounds)

Feb. 25 MATT WORLEY (Squares)                CHRISTINA EUM (Rounds)
   (VASARDA "Sashay to the Garden Party" 23rd State Convention Theme Dance)

Mar. 11 BILL HARRISON (Squares)              TIM & SHARON PILACHOWSKI (Rounds)

Mar. 25 ED FOOTE (Squares)                      CHRISTINA EUM (Rounds)

Apr. 8   ART LAVIGNE (Squares)                  DOM FILARDO (Rounds)

Apr. 15 SKIP CLELAND (Squares)                PAM BENNETT (Rounds)
    (Note this is the 3rd Friday)

Apr. 22 No dance on this Good Friday

            BUTCH BLOXOM (Rounds)

May 13 JOHN MARSHALL (Squares)              TIM & SHARON PILACHOWSKI (Rounds)

May 27 KEN JORDON (Squares)                   DOM FILARDO (Rounds)

All dances are 2 x 2 Plus-level Squares & Easy Rounds

Pre-rounds start at 7:30 p.m. - 2x2s from 8:00-10:00 p.m.

* Special Priced Dance

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