Merry Notes Square Dance Club

2015-2016 Dance Schedule


Date                               Caller                                                             Cuer

*Sep 11, 2015  MIKE SIKORSKY (Mesa, AZ)             DOM FILARDO (California, MD)

Sep 25, 2015    KENNY FARRIS (Laurel, MD)            PAMELA BENNETT (Alexandria, VA)

Oct 9, 2015      ART LAVIGNE (Hagerstown, MD)       BUTCH BLOXOM (Winchester, VA)

Oct 23, 2015    GREG JONES (Raleigh, NC)                DOM FILARDO (California, MD)

*Oct 30, 2015   TONY OXENDINE (Sumter, SC)         PAMELA BENNETT (Alexandria, VA)
      (Note this is a 5th Friday)

Nov 13, 2015    LARRY WINEGARD (Elkton, VA)        BUTCH BLOXOM (Winchester, VA)
       (WASCA's "Tune In Turn Back To The Golden Age of Television" Theme Dance)

Dec 11, 2015    BILL HARRISON (Cheltenham, MD)    PAMELA BENNETT (Alexandria, VA)

Jan 8, 2016      GENE CHAMBERLAIN (Aylett, VA)      KEN RYDER (Fairfax, VA)

Jan 22, 2016    JEREMY BUTLER (VA Beach, VA)        CHRISTINA EUM (Fairfax, VA)
        ("Chase Right To Party Night" - VA State Booster Dance

Jan 29, 2016    JIMMY ROBERSON (Oxford, NC)        KEN RYDER (Fairfax, VA)
     (Note this is a 5th Friday)

Feb 12, 2016     KENNY FARRIS (Laurel, MD)             CHRISTINA EUM (Fairfax, VA)

Feb 26, 2016     GARY FELTON (Columbia, MD)           BUTCH BLOXOM (Winchester, VA)

Mar 11, 2016     DOREN McBROOM (Columbia, MD)     DOM FILARDO (California, MD)

Mar 25, 2016    ART LAVIGNE (Hagerstown, MD)        KEN RYDER (Fairfax, VA)

*Apr 8, 2016     GARY SHOEMAKE (Sevierville, TN)     DOM FILARDO (California, MD)

Apr 22, 2016     ED FOOTE (Wexford, PA)                   CHRISTINA EUM (Fairfax, VA)

*Apr 29, 2016   HUNTER KELLER (Billings, MT)           PAMELA BENNETT (Alexandria, VA)


*May 27, 2016  TIM MARRINER (Rock Hill, SC)           BUTCH BLOXOM (Winchester, VA)

Proper Square Dance Attire Encouraged
 All Dances are 2x2 Plus Squares & Phase II-IV Rounds
Pre-rounds start at 7:30 p.m.  -  2x2s from 8:00-10:00 p.m.

2nd to 5th Square Dance Tip With Computer Squares

$8.00 per dancer, except *Special Price Dance: $10.00 per dancer

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