Special Dances in 2019-2020 Season


September 13 National Caller from Arizona

September 13, 2019 with Mike Sikorsky calling and Christina Eum cueing.

September 27 WASCA Theme Dance with Regional Caller from North Carolina 

September 27, 2019 with Greg Jones calling and Dom Filardo Cueing.
This dance will promote the 61st WASCA Spring Festival "Get Your Kicks on Route 66"


October 25 Halloween Dance

October 25, 2019 with Kenny Farris calling and Dom Filardo cueing.
Halloween Costumes are encouraged but not required.


November 8 CallerLab President from North Carolinia Calling

November 8, 2019 with Patty Greene calling and Ken Ryder cueing.


December 13  National Caller from Maryland - Holiday Dance

December 13, 2019 with Bill Harrison calling and Pamela Bennett cueing.

January 24 Virginia National Caller

January 24, 2020 with Jeremy Butler calling and Pamela Bennett cueing.


January 31 - A 5th Friday with National Caller from Alabama

January31, 2020 with Kevin Cozad calling and Christina Eum cueing.


February 28 National Caller from Pennysvania

February 28, 2020 with Tom Miller calling and Christina Eum cueing.


March 13 Regional Caller from North Carolina

March 13, 2020 with Vance McDaniels calling and Ken Ryder cueing.

March 27 State Convention Booster Dance with VA National Caller

March 27, 2020 with Matt Worley calling and Butch Bloxom cueing.
This dance will promote the 32nd Virginia State Convention: 
                                "Half Sashay The Hawaiian Way"


April 24 with Regional Caller from Virginia Beach or ??

April 24, 2020 with Ken Jordan calling and Dom Filardo cueing.

May 22 National Caller from Michigan

May 22, 2020 with Ken Burke calling and Ken Ryder cueing.


May 29 5th Friday Dance with National Caller from North Carolina

May 29, 2020 with Jerry Biggerstaff calling and Butch Bloxom cueing.





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